Agent 13 - Alan Desmond appearing in Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #4

THE MOSES MILITIA - ISSUE 1 as Captain Universe appearing in Marvel Comics Presents #148

CADAVER - Cody Fleischer first appearance in Secret Defenders #16

DEATHGRIN - Daniel Davis first appearance in Web of Spider-Man #104

AL - Skidrat-Al-Muntah appearance in

Secret Defenders #19

JOSHUA PRYCE - first appearance in

Secret Defenders #19

MOSES MILITIA - Comic Book featuring a group of superheroes during WW2

CAPTAIN COLON - NYC based Japanese Magazine Character

DARK RAVEN - a character for Dark Downy TV commercial

COLUGOS - a main character for Black City Comic Book


ECO ACTION TEAM - characters for a line of Eco-friendly action figures

FOX BOY - Last Chance Generation Comic Book

MAD SCIENTIST- licensed character

ROLLERDUDES -  Solarblading Rollerdudes Comic Book

Characters designed for a series by Blackout Comics


Characters for Ad Campaign


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