I've always loved comic books since childhood.  After graduating from Kansas University with a B.F.A. in Illustration, I moved to New York City.

I began my career at Marvel Comics as a Romita's Raider.  The Raiders were small in-house art department led by legendary Spider-Man artist John Romita.  Following my experience as a Raider, I worked with many Marvel Comics editors on books such as Web of Spider-Man, Punisher War Journal, Ghost Rider, Nomad, Nightstalkers, and many others.  I also designed a line of X-Men action figures.  In 1994, I was the regular penciller on Secret Defenders.

In 2002, I pencilled, inked and colored a series of educational graphic novels from Harcourt Publishing.  The series focused on famous historical figures such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart.  It received great reviews, and purchased by many public libraries and schools internationally.

I am currently working with writer James Babbo (jamesbabbo.com) on the period/noir series Moses Militia.  It is based in Casablanca during WW2, and follows a group of Jewish freedom fighters with super powers.


Look for it Fall 2013!




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